Rome favorites: Hair Makeovers at Noi Salon!

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Today I’m going to interrupt my usual ramblings about all our travels in Italy to talk about something that is actually┬áreally important to women traveling or living in Rome: hair styling. More specifically, where to get your hair done in … Continued

Christmas Season 2014 in Rome

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Finally, I’m back! Basically, I took a much longer holiday vacation than I had anticipated. December was a wild month and we started 2015 going at about a million miles an hour. First off, Happy New Year! Since the last … Continued

Thanksgiving in Rome

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Thanksgiving came and went in a huge blur, so now I can give my full attention to my blog once again (until Christmas, that is!). This was our second Thanksgiving in Rome, but last year it was a much more … Continued

Taking Great Family Vacation Photos: An Ode to my Photographer

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Today’s post I’ve been meaning to write for a very long time now just because it’s so fun. In fact, I might just make a series out of it. Everyone sees our travel pictures all over social media, but what … Continued

Happy 1st Day of Spring!

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Yes, the dreaded winter has finally passed and, at least in Rome, you can really start to feel the difference. The weather has been absolutely fabulous the past week, the bright green bulbs are starting to come out on all … Continued

Recap of 2013

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Welcome, 2014! As I predicted in my last post, I was completely swamped during the last weeks of December to write much, but now it’s the new year and I am committed! Especially since I’ve recently found out that quite … Continued

Rome’s Christmas Season 2013

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  Somehow, Rome’s Christmas season is upon us! It also means that we have been in Rome now for almost 4 months! Just last week it felt like the beginning of December yet when I looked at the calendar, I … Continued

My 5 Favorite Things About Rome on our 2 month Italo-versary!

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On Monday, it was exactly two months since we got to Rome. I wanted to write a blog post, I really did, but we didn’t have Internet so… Happy two months to us! Italy is generous though. Even though we … Continued

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