Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About a Papal Mass at the Vatican.

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Special Announcement: As you know if you follow me on Facebook (hint, hint, you should), I’m finally making the leap to a self-hosted blog with my very own domain name (this is the most exciting part for me!!!). Within the … Continued

My Napoleon Complex is on Facebook!

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Hey guys, I finally got a Facebook page, so go follow me on it for updates on posts and pictures! My Napoleon Complex Promote Your Page TooAlso, for those wondering about the awesome pictures of our travels, most of them … Continued

How-To: Make a Doggie Birthday Cake (Happy 1st Birthday, Arya!)

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On April 28th, our Husky Arya stopped being a puppy and became 1! It’s hard to believe a year has passed since we got her! Well, actually we took her home sometime in early June but we’ve known her since … Continued

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