Happy 1st Day of Spring!

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Yes, the dreaded winter has finally passed and, at least in Rome, you can really start to feel the difference. The weather has been absolutely fabulous the past week, the bright green bulbs are starting to come out on all the empty tree branches, and every store has pastel spring dresses on display. Being from Miami, this immediately lifts my spirits tenfold… until I see my friends on Facebook already tanned from how much they’re going to the beach. But at this point I’ll take what I can get.

The face of someone that is loving the return of Spring!

I’ve been MIA for the past week and it’s been because of a combination of things. We have stayed in Rome for the past two weekends, since we seriously needed a little bit of a break from the road trips every weekend. I’ve also been looking to buy new furniture here in Italy and the process is complicated and time consuming, but that’s a post for another day if I’m ever successful in that particular endeavor.

This past Sunday, we celebrated the amazing weather with a little picnic in Villa Borghese. I had really wanted to do that since the moment we arrived at the end of last summer and Jaime is on board for anything that has food.

Can you be mad at someone with blue eyes like those?

Instead of packing our own picnic, we went to a cute little place called GiNa’s close to the Spanish Steps where they actually prepare the entire picnic “basket” (more like insulated duffel bag) for you! For 40€, you get two sandwiches, two drinks, potato chips, bread, fruit cups, dessert, and a thermos with espresso and cookies. There is also a deluxe basket, which I’m guessing has the wine, but we were cheapos and brought our own wine. The basket also has everything you can possibly need, from bottle openers, to salt and pepper, to plates and utensils. It was so cute!

All in all, I think even though the price is a little steep, it’s worth it especially if you don’t want to deal with the hassle of preparing everything yourself or if you are traveling and simply don’t have your own picnic things at hand. Obviously though, anyone that knows Jaime knows he’s already looking for his own picnic basket so the days of not having to prepare picnic food for me are over!

Arya trying to get in on some of the chocolate action. No self preservation whatsoever.

“Yes, flowers!”

Anyway, if you’re in Rome and want to explore Villa Borghese, consider doing a little picnic or ordering it from GiNa’s! We had a ton of fun (until Arya committed a party foul and knocked over a glass of wine on our picnic blanket)!