A Day in Pompeii

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A few months back we spent a day in Pompeii, or the ruins of the ancient city buried by a volcanic eruption. Pompeii is a very well-known tourist spot, with many people taking time to visit from Rome or Naples. All … Continued

Viennese Christmas Markets + What we ate in Vienna

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One of the main reasons we went to Vienna, as well as one of the main reasons you should go to Vienna, is for the Viennese Christmas markets. All over the city, in big squares and small, little markets spring up selling … Continued

City Break: A Weekend in Vienna, Part Two.

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Hi, guys, today I’m going to continue with the rest of the sights we saw on our weekend in Vienna, excluding the famous Vienna Christmas markets and what we ate, which will get it’s own separate post!

City Break: A Weekend in Vienna, Part One

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We’re still editing pictures from the last week of 2014, so today I’m going to write about our weekend in Vienna back in November. I cannot stop gushing about Vienna. In fact, I originally planned to include all the sights in this post but I just had way too many pictures to share to only pick a few. Instead, I’ll break it up in a few posts, starting with this one on the royal sights of our weekend in Vienna.

Assisi, the Jewel of Umbria

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I generally prefer writing about a place we’ve been to as soon as possible after we get back. Otherwise, I start to forget little details that I might have wanted to include in my blog post. However, it is also … Continued

Top Reasons to go to Italy’s Most Underrated City: Turin

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If you asked me what I was doing a year ago at this very moment, I’d say, “That’s easy! I was in Turin!” Turin is hands down Italy’s most underrated city. It’s also my favorite. Yes, above Rome, above Florence, … Continued

Where to Stay: Agriturismi in Italy

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I know I said my last post on our weekend in the Amalfi Coast would be my last post on our summer road trip, but bear with me and hear me out on this definite last, short post. I don’t … Continued

Carnevale di Viareggio 2014

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Today is Ash Wednesday, the first day of Lent. In Italy, with it’s strong Catholic background, it is obviously very important. Just as important, however, was what happened before today…Carnevale! Otherwise known as Mardi Gras in the USA. In my … Continued

Recap of 2013

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Welcome, 2014! As I predicted in my last post, I was completely swamped during the last weeks of December to write much, but now it’s the new year and I am committed! Especially since I’ve recently found out that quite … Continued

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