Thanksgiving in Rome

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Thanksgiving came and went in a huge blur, so now I can give my full attention to my blog once again (until Christmas, that is!). This was our second Thanksgiving in Rome, but last year it was a much more … Continued

I’ve been nominated for a Liebster Award!

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It’s been so crazy in my head for the past week that I’ve simply not had the time to write a blogpost so my amazing streak of two posts a week has slowed down :(. This Thursday is Thanksgiving, as … Continued

The Italian Riviera, Part Two: Portovenere & Portofino

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I’ll be completely honest with you: I really don’t feel like writing this post. It’s been a pretty exhausting week so far. We spent the weekend in the beautiful city of Vienna (if you follow me on Instagram you’d know … Continued

The Italian Riviera: Lerici

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Back in September, Jaime had to go for work to a little beach town in the Italian Riviera called Lerici. In fact, I mentioned it when I wrote my post on Cinque Terre.  Here’s what I knew about Lerici: nothing. … Continued

Visiting the Capitoline Museums

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It’s Friday, it’s been raining for two days now, and I just want to crawl back under my wonderful covers again. But, I won’t!  I’ve realized it’s been awhile since I’ve written something about the city I call home (that … Continued

Top Reasons to go to Italy’s Most Underrated City: Turin

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If you asked me what I was doing a year ago at this very moment, I’d say, “That’s easy! I was in Turin!” Turin is hands down Italy’s most underrated city. It’s also my favorite. Yes, above Rome, above Florence, … Continued

Sardinia: The Beach Vacation of a Lifetime

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Here’s how you know you’re from Miami: cold weather is not your friend. When I moved from Miami, I was a naive little girl who couldn’t wait to experience such things as “real seasons” and “snow” and “wearing all those … Continued

Where to Stay: Agriturismi in Italy

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I know I said my last post on our weekend in the Amalfi Coast would be my last post on our summer road trip, but bear with me and hear me out on this definite last, short post. I don’t … Continued

Our Weekend in the Amalfi Coast

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I thought about breaking this part of our road trip down into several posts, but the truth is if I do that I’m going to be talking about our summer adventures deep into winter (thanks to my procrastination, of course). … Continued

Photo Diary of Pisa

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We’ve been to Pisa two times and for some reason I haven’t blogged about it. The first time was back in March the weekend we went to Viareggio’s Carnevale and the second time was during our summer road trip, one the … Continued