Rome’s River Tracks, Our Night Out on the Town

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When Domenico and his girlfriend Simona reached out to me to join them for a night on their River Tracks boat, I was flattered but really did not know what to expect. I had never heard of this particular Tevere excursion and some of our Italian friends even told us that they were completely unaware tourist boats were allowed on the Tevere (they ended up being extremely wrong about this).

Domenico explained how he was born and raised in the U.S. but has lived in Rome since the early 2000’s. Self-proclaimed “starving musician”, he started Tram Tracks last year, where he takes his guests out on a tram all over Rome, while including dinner, all-you-can-drink wine, and music provided by himself and his band. This year they extended Tram Tracks to include River Tracks, which is the same idea but on a boat along Rome’s Tevere.

Domenico and I 

Jaime and I accepted their invitation and a few weeks back we got a chance to experience Domenico’s River Tracks. Like I said earlier, I didn’t know what to expect but I was pleasantly surprised. We met just in front of La Isola Tiberina, a little island that’s right in the middle of the river and waited patiently for the boat (yacht? I’m not very familiar with nautical terms) to arrive. Suddenly, we heard distant music and Domenico and Simona sail by on their boat, already waving and singing and dancing.

The arrival of Domenico and Simona

They welcomed everybody on the boat and we already had pasta and antipasti waiting for us, our places marked with cute vinyls with our names on it. Without further ado, our night began with music, dinner, and later picture-taking on deck while we passed by some sights. The boat sailed all the way to Castel Sant’Angelo, where we were able to get off for a little while and take some pictures and dance.

Honestly, we very much enjoyed the whole night. Everybody was having a great time and some people seemed like it wasn’t the first time they had been on River Tracks. Domenico, Simona, and their band had endless energy and they sang a little English and a little Italian, but always oldies (but goodies). It really was a great way to see Rome by night, especially during the summer with the warm weather and the Lungo il Tevere happening simultaneously. Meaning after you get off River Tracks, you can continue your party or shop in the many shops and restaurants set up along the river for the summer.

The tents of Lungo il Tevere from the boat. 

For more information and to book your night on River Tracks or Tram Tracks, visit their site here.

Disclaimer: Jaime and I were guests of River Tracks, but all our opinions (and pictures) are our own. Unless specifically stated, all the hotels, restaurants, and attractions I mention on this site do not compensate me for anything I write (one can only wish).