Cinque Terre, Part 2: Vernazza & Manarola

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I am a little upset I haven’t been able to post anything in a week. For those of you that follow me on Instagram (and if you don’t, hint hint) you’d know we are not in Rome, but in a wonderful beach town in Liguria, Lerici, just a stone’s throw away from Cinque Terre (coincidentally enough). We brought the laptop but Jaime’s been working so he’s needed it and I, unfortunately, must make do without it and instead spend my time doing such tedious things as going to the beach. Woe is me.

Today, I have the laptop though and I can’t really complain too much when this is my view as I’m writing this:

Continuing on our journey through Cinque Terre, after our beach day in Monterosso al Mare, we went back to the hotel, took showers and headed out to have dinner in Vernazza.

Vernazza is the fourth village of the Cinque Terre (heading north) and still remains one of the truest fishing villages of the entire Italian Riviera. There are quite a few sights to see such as the Church of Santa Margherita d’Antiochia or the Doria Castle, if you’re into that sort of stuff. As for us, Cinque Terre was the pause between museums, so we just wanted to walk around, go to the beach, and eat seafood.

We had dinner at a restaurant called Al Castello. We had good food at a higher price than we like, but we splurged because the restaurant had an amazing view. After dinner, we went out in search of a good location to take a blue hour picture of Vernazza.

We didn’t take the classic picture of the Vernazza harbor from above (which I am assuming is taken from one of the hiking trails between the villages), mainly because we just didn’t have enough time before the sky turned black to find the trail and walk the appropriate distance. Instead, we went on a path around the church into the rocks of the harbor and took a picture from across the water.

iPhone panoramic.

Jaime’s money shot. 

The next day, our last day in Cinque Terre, we decided to explore Manarola in the morning and Riomaggiore in the afternoon.

Manarola is the second village heading north and possibly the prettiest, in my opinion. It had a great view at the start of one of the trails and we took full advantage of it.

When Carolina is around, we get to take some really lovey-dovey pictures.

The second money shot. 

Before heading out to Riomaggiore, we had a light lunch of fresh fried seafood, which was honestly spectacular. Cinque Terre is known for their anchovies and whether you have them fried or with lemon, it is absolutely delicious (and I didn’t even like anchovies before Cinque Terre).

Jaime has an angel face in this picture but his hand is saying: “Let go of my food!!!”

I have something different for my next post later on the week (it’s already scheduled, so hopefully there won’t be any technical issues with Blogger), but after that I will round out our adventures in Cinque Terre with some sunset pictures of Riomaggiore, and also some tips on how to make the most of your time and money in the Italian Riviera! Stay tuned!

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